Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Jack's on Marion

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We were tired after a long day cleaning out the RV and shampooing all the carpets.  Being hot, sweaty and tired - I didn't feel like cooking, so we decided to stop for food in downtown Punta Gorda.  I was in the mood for a cuban sandwich, and we tried to park near a spot we thought might serve such fare - but unfortunately I was driving our beast of a truck and parking in that particular lot wasn't even remotely possible.  I had to got about two blocks down to find a public lot that had enough room for me to shoehorn in the Chevy.  Walking back we decided to stop at Jack's on Marion - mostly because I was beat, thirsty and just wanted a quiet meal.  It was Saturday early evening and the live music was just tuning up outside.  We went inside and fortunately for us, it was still fairly quiet.

I looked over the menu and realized we were in a fancier place than I expected.  I'm not opposed to paying for fine meal, but some days you just want some simple fare and don't feel like paying top dollar.  It doesn't help when I'm hot and cranky.

Good news - I ordered an orded iced tea and a water, and told the server I was really thirsty.  She didn't let me down.  I must have drank three glasses of water plus the tea, I never saw the bottom of the glass and I never felt interrupted when she refilled it.  She did a great job.

I saw they had a two-for-one menu.  I asked the server about it and she explained it was two entrees for the price of one, and we got the less expensive one free.  Sounded fair.  I ordred the tenderloin and Gayle ordered the roast pork.  They came with a side and a salad.  The quality of the food was good although there was some strange floral seasoning in Gayle's yellow rice that I didn't understand - Beyond that I really enjoyed everything.  The salad was nice and crisp.

I felt like it was a great meal at a very reasonable price - two entrees, tea and a glass of wine, plus tax and strong tip, and we were still out the door for under $45.

I look forward to coming back when I'm relaxed and in the mood to party.  It looks like a great place to hang out on a nice Florida evening.