Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Captain's Table on Charlotte Harbor

Captain's Table Restaurant on Urbanspoon What a nice place and great location.  Overlooking Charlotte Harbor, this is my go-to place when entertaining out of town guests or just need a special night out.  Captain's Table on Charlotte Harbor is an old school dining experience.  With great views, plush furnishings, full bar and extensive wine list - you sort of assume the food will be fantastic.

You'd be correct.  We entertained some out of town guests here a few months back, and wanted to really show off what Charlotte Harbor had to offer.  They were only able to stay a few hours, they were passing though to another commitment.  Where do you take old friends who only have a few hours?

We brought them to Captains's Table.  The place had exactly the desired effect.  Waterfront dining, good wine, good food, and a relaxed experience.

A couple weeks ago, the Charlotte County Chamber of Commerce had a monthly lunch function here - so I was really interested to see how they would perform when serving a buffet on a budget.  To my surprise, they offered up three entrees - Beef, Fish and Chicken.  I can only personally attest to the fish and chicken, and both were delicious.  The fish was tender and not overcooked - try that on a buffet!  The chicken was so moist it must have been brined or some other magic marinade, because normal chickens don't come out of the oven that juicy.  It was super.  To top things off, an unexpected round of cheesecake for everyone arrived at our table, delivered by the manager himself.

I complemented Steve, the General Manager, on our way out.  I told him I'd rarely had a chicken dinner as good as he served, much less buffet style.  He took the opportunity to explain that everything in the kitchen is old school.  Sauces made from scratch, everything prepared fresh.  He said dinner prices are on par with a country-club experience, and if you are on a budget they run lunch specials.  If you want a more rustic experience, the downstairs restaurant is open air and rowdy - but the food comes from the same kitchen.

I asked Steve if we could come back sometime when they weren't busy and take some photos for our blog, and he seemed agreeable.  We'll try to hook up with him soon and do a more extensive feature on this fantastic place.