Monday, November 11, 2013

Elena's South Restaurant

Elena's South Restaurant on Urbanspoon A mixture of Art Deco and Florida style, Elena's is a comfortable cafe with roomy seating and friendly waitstaff.

We opted for simple fare - a burger and a patty melt. 

Gayle's burger looked delicious, but the star of the show was the patty melt. It was fantastic - meat, cheese and perfectly grilled onion in every bite, served on a toasty seedless rye bread. 

Our server was extra attentive. She not only provided extra napkins without being asked, but also noticed the ketchup was running low. It seems like I'm getting excited about minor stuff, but these sorts of minor things have been nearly lost in most places.  I'm so numb to perfunctory to poor service that I get really excited when I get good, professional service.

We had a great lunch, in a pleasant setting. Even with a very generous tip, we were in and out for under $25 for the two of us and the food was excellent.

I left feeling happy. That's what it's all about. Stop in next time you are in Punta Gorda.  It's a great place.