Friday, November 1, 2013

Jimmy's Tacos

Jimmy's Taco's on Urbanspoon This local taco stand in Punta Gorda has a lot going for it - good location, great tropical atmosphere, good concept.  Unfortunately, the food is too inconsistent.  The first time we stopped in, the tacos were good - plenty of meat, fresh, hot and seasoned well.  If I had written this review that day it would have been a glowing success.

The next time we ordered take-out, and it was really sub-standard.  Loads of lettuce and cilantro, very little meat.  I was quite disappointed.  So far, 50/50.

We tried eating in again - the nachos were weird.  Stale chips and, well, just WEIRD.  Take my word for it.

We gave them one more try a few nights ago.  To be fair, we ordered several different items - a couple different burritos, a couple tacos. Maybe I'm a slow learner.

I'll cut to the chase.  It's my last trip.  Next time I'm hungry and feel tempted to visit Jimmy's Tacos, I'll just pull out a wad of cash and set it on fire instead.  The pork burrito had approximately one spoonful of pork in it - total.  The buffalo chicken burrito had adsoloutely no descernable chicken.  Both were completely overloaded with raw hot onion and cilantro.  Imagine eating a cilantro/onion sandwich with unseasoned rice and beans scattered about.  The tacos were about the same, except they were also soggy and fell apart.

I normally don't write such a negative review - I prefer to simply not write a review at all.  However, in this case, I've had two really awful experiences, and a quick search of the online reviews reveal that I'm not alone.  Maybe I can save someone some bucks.  If you want a good taco, go to a real Mexican restaurant instead.  Or give me a call.  I'm a pretty good cook and I know I can whip up a better plate of Mexican at home.